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Pythian Q2 2011 Speaking: MySQL Conference, Collaborate, & more

Look for the Pythian team at one of the following popular database industry events in Q2, 2011.

We’d like to hear from you. If you have any feedback on our sessions, please send your comments directly to the speaker, or to Vanessa Simmons, Pythian Director of Marketing.

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Pythian Speaking at Collaborate 2011

Pythian is happy to welcome Michael Abbey back to our team. He joins our list of distinguished speakers below. Keep an eye out for Pythian founder Paul Vallee who will also be making his annual appearance at the show.

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MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Grid Control

One MySQL Plug-in customer reported an issue with reports — all charts were displaying an Oracle error and didn’t display any data as if it couldn’t connect to the EM repository. If you face this issue, follow My Oracle Support Note 374382.1 “Grid Control Repository: How to Change the Password of the MGMT_VIEW User”.

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DBD::Oracle 1.28 Released

Version of 1.28 of DBD::Oracle has been released. This is a maintenance release that fixes a large number of bug and issues which are detailed in the Changes listed in this post.

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Hotsos 2011 – Day 1

Yesterday was actually my second day at Hotsos, 2011.Have a look at my post to see what kind of interesting tidbits I have to share.

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Log Buffer #214, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Database Servers are humming along, and the people who manage them, interact with them or are just in awe of them are busy in blogging about them. This inspires our next Log Buffer, Log Buffer #214.

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NoCOUG (My)SQL Challenge entry #2

A few days ago I learned about this year’s NoCOUG SQL Challenge and decided to to put the gray matter between my ears to work. I’ve been teaching a MySQL course this week and my first impulse was to use my MySQL VM to test my solution attempts. However, I eventually decided to use Recursive Subquery Factoring to solve the proposed problem and had to switch to an Oracle 11gR2, since it’s the only database that implements this feature that I know how to use (are there any others?). I was happy with my solution, but frustrated that I couldn’t run it on MySQL. So I decided to try to make it somehow work on MySQL.

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NoCOUG SQL Challenge – thinking outside the padded box

Seems that our André Araujo has already spilled the beans and revealed his solution to the second edition of the NoCOUG SQL Challenge.
Now, I can’t let him have all the fun, can I?

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DBD::Oracle 1.28 Release Candiate 2

Here is the next latest and greatest DBD::Oracle for your programming pleasure. This time round we have cleaned a few compiler warnings and fixed up a few of the tests. Thanks to H. Merijn Brand and Charles Jardine for those.

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NoCOUG SQL Challenge Entry

Once again the great Wizards of Northern California have reached out to the community, pleading for help in the deciphering of one more challenging riddle. The second edition of the NoCOUG SQL Challenge has been published and is open for submissions! This time Iggy and his ensemble came up not only with a SQL challenge but also with a brain-bender riddle that must be resolved before you can start coding your solution. Very nice!

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