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Welcome to Blackbird.io Employees and Clients


Today, we announced that Pythian has entered into an agreement to acquire Blackbird.io, itself the result of a recent merger between PalominoDB and DriveDev. I want to start with a hearty welcome to the 40+ new esteemed collaborators joining our…

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Life at Pythian as a MySQL DBA

Several people have asked me in the last year what it is like to work for Pythian. There are many reasons for a question like this, depending on who is asking.   Some people are concerned about the fact I…

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The Hadoop and the Hare

I speak to a lot of people who are terribly concerned with “real-time”. Can data get into the warehouse in real-time? Can we record everything the user does on the site in real-time? Real-time is a magic phrase, because it…

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SMB File Share and SQL Server: An option to consider

Introduction When we relate file share and databases, many people will turn up their noses – but today this is a reality that we can use even in production. Microsoft spent the last years working on improvements to the Server…

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Do You Know Your Customers? The Truth Behind Millennial Shopping Habits


Black Friday is fast approaching and all eyes have turned toward retail and the holiday shopping season. After initial reports that 2013 would be the worst shopping season since 2009, new forecasts have upped the total sales estimate. The 2013…

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Oracle Database 12c: Network Recovery in RMAN

Over the past 8 months, I have had the pleasure of working on a soon-to-be-released update for our popular Beginner’s Guide for Oracle Database 12c. Many of the new 12c features have fascinated me and my peers. I have thirsted in particular for the following handful of rman enhancements that are bundled with Database 12c…

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Why Upgrade to Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c: Making the Impossible, Possible?

Pythian’s Oracle team has had the opportunity over this last year to explore, test, and assess every aspect of Oracle’s latest database release. Oracle 12c, and we have to say, it’s very impressive. See our top 5 reasons to upgrade and share your reasons.

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Thoughts on Intel’s Hadoop Distribution

When I heard that Intel announced their own Hadoop distribution, my first thought was “Why would they do that?”. This blog post is an attempt to explore why anyone would need their own Hadoop distribution, what Intel can gain by…

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When to Use MongoDB and Hadoop

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How Different Datatypes Affect Performance

When I was in high school, my practical arts teacher asked us to create a miniature of a structure. This meant looking at the blueprints of an existing structure and using it to create a small replica. I thought that…

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