Our unique Data Hub-as-a-Service (DHaaS) delivers a platform and expert services to house  all your data in one location, making it accessible and usable for everyone. Now you can make data part of how everyone does business, every day—from IT,  to Executives, to Marketing and Operations.  

IT teams can focus on business alignment and strategic initiatives because the Data Hub does all the heavy lifting. It seamlessly prepares data, provides connectors for major data sources like social media, analytics, modeling and decision-making in a single, collaborative, cloud-based environment.

A single platform…

Our, seamless, end-to-end environment can be hosted on your premise, or in the public cloud, for unparalleled scalability. It incorporates a modern data warehouse and open-source technologies to ingest, transform, prepare and integrate multiple data streams, then makes them available for analysis, using your visualization tools and other applications.

…that synchronizes all your data…

Data Hub allows you to blend multiple streams of your own data with shared, third party and public data for 360 degree insights or to build next generation applications to improve customer experience.

…to empower everyone.

Enable everyone across your organization to collaborate around the same information. Embed data analytics into day-to-day business processes and turn insights to action. By using the visualization tools of your choice, you can empower everyone. We can provide you with insights or enable you to dive deep for advanced analytics.

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