Data-Driven Revolution: Unlocking Growth for CPG, Retail, and Food & Beverage with AI

Access Pythian’s panel discussion on how you can reshape your data using AI to transform your organization.

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Organizations are leveraging Generative AI at a rapid pace, and it’s essential to get started to keep up with your customers’ needs. From task automation and personalization, to enhanced customer interactions and deeper employee engagement, the benefits of GenAI could be endless. While there are challenges on the journey to GenAI, Google Cloud is there to help, thanks to features like baked-in security, scalability, and data governance, as well as the ability to customize models using your own data with tools like Google BigQuery, Vertex AI, and Model Garden.

During this on-demand Pythian/Google webinar you’ll be granted access to deeper GenAI insights related to:

  • B2C Focus of Marketing - Opportunities & Pitfalls
    • New/modern methods for segmentation and attribution
    • Data accuracy and measuring impact of third-party data
  • B2B - Data Exchange & Monetization Opportunities
    • Effective methods to share datasets for monetization
    • Scrubbing data and protecting privacy
  • B2B - Compartmentalize Data for Analysis & Sharing 
    • Analysis of data and use of clean rooms for privacy
  • Takeaways for Leadership Roles
    • CIO - understanding the right investment in GenAI at the right time for the right teams
    • CFO - gaining visibility into the business, across functional areas and Business Users
    • Head of Demand Planning - unlocking new business systems and their data for input into demand forecast models
    • Marketing Campaign Planner - uncovering segmentation and attribution best practices

Stream this unique discussion involving Pythian and Google GenAI experts now.


Joey Jablonski

VP Global Solutions, Pythian

Andy Lawrence

Principal Architect, CPG, Google