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Creating a Cloud Security Pipeline

As organizations migrate from on-premises data centers to cloud platforms, transformational shifts will naturally occur, such as the redistribution of budget and accountability moves from centralized IT teams to distributed business units. While this enables greater innovation through self-service access, it can also create security blind spots from rogue usage and misconfigured controls. 

To fully leverage the value of the cloud, companies must instill a culture of shared responsibility. The key to success with cloud adoption is building security into your development pipelines to enforce policies and validate configurations at every stage of the development lifecycle. 

With a cloud security pipeline, your business can accelerate delivery and unlock innovation while keeping a tight grip on security vulnerabilities and risks. With the right strategy, companies can harness the cloud’s capabilities without compromising security.

Watch Kevin Pedersen, Solutions Architect at Pythian, share how your business can build security into your pipeline for value stream management.


Kevin-PedersenKevin Pedersen, Cloud Solution Architect, Pythian

Kevin has over 27 years of experience in solution development and engineering. Kevin’s vast knowledge helps businesses drive successful cloud adoption practices. He supports organizations in managing data velocity in the cloud by instilling software engineering principles as part of their development pipeline.