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Take Teradata to the cloud

Migrate your on-premises Teradata warehouse to Google Cloud and take advantage of cost-effective data services and solutions.


Our experts and partnerships get you there

Kick your Teradata-Google Cloud migration into high gear with Pythian’s proven project experience, world-class migration program, and rock-solid partnership with Google Cloud.

Get ready with expert Planning Services

Review, plan, and assess

  • We’ll review your Teradata-to-Google Cloud migration, assess your readiness, and create your plan

Break it down

  • We break your migration down into logical components for ease and efficiency

Get to value faster with smooth Migration Services

Take advantage of our experience

  • We’ve migrated hundreds of systems to Google BigQuery, and will get you there faster

We’re there at every step

  • We help you execute your migration plan at every step, focused on your outcomes 

Rest easy with continuous Managed Services

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • We provide continuous transformation and continuous support

See how Teradata to Google BigQuery migration can work for you

Making the move from your legacy data warehouses to the cloud for business advantage? Our Teradata to Google BigQuery services get you there faster. 


Pythian helps a content network create a 360° view of customer experience

An online content network wanted to improve its analytics capabilities by migrating their on-premises Teradata data warehouse to the cloud. Pythian designed and implemented the solutions.

Take advantage of Google BigQuery 

From lightning-fast analytics to worry-free management, you’ll feel the benefits when you migrate to BigQuery.

Move to more powerful analytics

Unleash supersonic-speed analytics on a petabyte scale and move beyond mundane descriptive analytics to the “final frontier” of business analytics.

Get no-worries management

Focus on innovation instead of maintenance with your fully managed, no-ops data warehouse.

You’re in control with pay-as-you-go

Replace expensive CAPEX-based data warehouses with pay-as-you-go, which allows effortless scaling using only the storage and compute power you need.

Scale effortlessly with dynamic resources

Eliminate forecasting with resources that are dynamically allocated based on usage, with limits raised or lessened as you scale.

Get the full picture with streaming

You’ll directly ingest streaming data with ease through external data sources such as Google Cloud Bigtable, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Google Drive, and more.

See it all with visualization

Understand your data better through integration with popular third-party reporting and BI providers, such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, or Looker.

Ready to take your Teradata to the cloud?