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Data-driven insights powered by visualization

Pythian empowers you to move toward your business goals quickly by helping you showcase pivotal data insights through customized dashboards that are compelling and useful. By visualizing these insights, your team can be more data-driven and accurate in the way you target and achieve your business outcomes.

What we do

Two easy steps to get started with data visualization

Our data visualization accelerator program helps you move forward quickly to gain the insights you need to achieve digital transformation. It includes two phases:

How we do it

Our data visualization services help you make better data-driven decisions

Increase insights and cut costs

Building dashboards that go unused is a waste of time and money. From push-button deployments to dynamically evolving visualization schemes, we can accelerate your analytics journey cost-effectively and tell a more complete story.

Gain a competitive edge

The right data visualization tool can help you identify new business opportunities and areas of improvement more effectively—so you can stay ahead of market trends and customer demands.

Accelerate time to value

In less than eight weeks, you’ll see the insights you need to drive your digital transformation. We help you identify and obtain the key high-value metrics for your business.

Increase trust in your data

We apply experience design principles to make our visualization tools easy to use and interpret. This is key to building trust in these tools and adopting them across your enterprise.

Customized to your needs

We have extensive experience working with visualization tools from partners like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, meaning we can build a platform tailored to your needs.

Get exceptional support

We combine proven methodologies with a dedicated project manager for every project to ensure we meet our commitments and deliver on time and budget.

What’s next

We’re here for your entire data journey

Your transformation journey doesn’t end with data visualization. We offer several other services you could use as next steps as you seek to extract even more value from your data. 

Data strategy and governance

Lay the groundwork for success with a strategy that gives you more control over your data while minimizing risks and boosting efficiency.

Data quality | Data accessibility | Security and compliance

Data strategy and governance

Data management services

Getting the most value from your data starts by establishing a solid foundation for collecting, organizing, and managing it efficiently and effectively. 

Data platforms | Transformation roadmaps | Managed services

Cloud data and AI services

Bring together the power of AI and the cloud to create new monetization opportunities, reduce operating costs, and accelerate the adoption of new capabilities.

Data platforms and pipelines | Faster ROI | AI strategy

Cloud data and AI services
"Pythian’s professional services team was thorough and knowledgeable about what it would take to build an enterprise data platform on Google Cloud. They outlined how we could do this cost-effectively, while still meeting our most urgent business requirements."
Guillaume Fournier

Director, Business Intelligence Centre of Expertise, Cascades Canada

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