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Transformative data solutions for IT and software 

We take care of the backend database and analytics functions to enable video game studios, software developers, telecommunications providers, and technology companies to innovate. Shift your team's focus back on product development, launching the best products, features, and experiences. Reduce operating costs, risk, and accelerate.

Industry challenges

Supporting the IT and software industries with robust data strategies

Our team can help address your current data-related challenges and help you meet your future business transformation goals.

Innovation for better customer service

Technology architecture is becoming increasingly critical to overall organizational success.

Greater need for remote collaboration

With more employees than ever working remotely, the right collaboration tools are vital.

Legacy system transformation

A modern, resilient, and adaptable data ecosystem is needed to create more value with your partners.

Customer success story

Enterprise software company increases profit through cloud and data transformation

Who they are

Global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software company targeting the automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, and high-tech sectors

Annual revenue of $308 million

More than 2,500 employees

What they needed

A way to maintain competitiveness by moving to a SaaS delivery model

An expert partner to help transition to the Google ecosystem

A single strategic platform for infrastructure operations

AI-driven capabilities to enhance customer support, sales, and marketing

A way to identify and eliminate technology overspending to improve operational efficiency and reduce technical debt

How we helped

Our managed services experts helped the company train its team on Google tools and take advantage of them, enabling them to do more with fewer resources.

1 Estate

For unified data

Single platform for company collaboration, reducing technical debt and the number of support tickets from the old support platform. 

2 Million

Annual savings

Consolidated their operations onto a single cloud platform, resulting in $2M in annual savings and enhanced efficiency. 

1.7 Million

Estimaged Savings

Adopted modern technologies and automation processes to support document translation, saving an estimated $1.7M.

We can help

We help IT and software companies accelerate and adapt to change

We can help you use your data to improve operations, reduce costs, embrace automation, and generate new revenue streams.

Improve your data analytics capabilities

We can help you move to the cloud and build data pipelines and warehouses that enable near real-time analytics, providing deeper insights that let you make better decisions faster.

Optimize your infrastructure

Save money, reduce your data center footprint, and improve application performance by having our consultants optimize your database environments and streamline your operations.

Enhance operational efficiency

Call on our experts for database performance tuning, next-generation architecture, and modernized backend infrastructure to power automation and resolve database bottlenecks that impact your customer experience.

Enable data-driven innovation

Monetize your data and generate new revenue streams through analytics services enabled by the latest cloud data platforms and data management strategies.

What we do

We’re here for your entire data journey

Wherever you are on your data journey, we can help you enhance your offerings with our broad range of database, analytics, and cloud services. 

“Pythian was brought in on short notice to solve difficult challenges, and they did a fantastic job. They’ve quickly become my ‘in case of emergency, break glass’ support and my most trusted advisors. I have the confidence that when I call Pythian, they’ll give me an answer that isn’t just plausible but correct.”
Manager, DBA/ERP Teams

Global IT services company

“Pythian has been an extension of our team. I can spend eight hours researching an obscure problem or call them, and they’ve probably encountered it before and can fix it. They provide us with a depth of expertise, and we’ve been able to lean on them for maintenance and operational support.”
Software Engineer

Mobile video game studio

“Pythian gave us more than improved reports. They helped us become a modern, more efficient, data-driven company that’s more responsive to customer demands for even more success and profitability.”
Technical Director, Operations

B2B technology provider

It’s time your data worked harder
for you