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When it comes to cloud security consulting, the devil is in the details

Go beyond standard IT security audits with Pythian’s cloud security consulting services. Our Security Posture Analysis identifies security risks and provides prioritized and actionable recommendations.


Ensure your security controls actually work—and work well.

In today’s increasingly digital economy, the need for robust cloud security has never been more acute. Cybersecurity can be a source of competitive advantage through digital transformation – if it’s done right. But, when implemented poorly or incompletely, security problems can inhibit the launch of new services, stifle effective communication, and harm your bottom line.

Unfortunately, half of all enterprises have suffered a significant data breach over the past 12 months.1 Misconfigurations cause 65-70% of all security breaches,2 and 72% of enterprises expect the rate of cloud misconfiguration will worsen or remain the same over the next year.3

Security threats exist, but they don’t have to hinder your progress if you work with experienced cloud consultants capable of helping you ensure your security controls work reliably. Pythian Security Posture Analysis is powered by  Pythian’s deep technical expertise and implementation skills across the widest array of cloud platforms, workloads, and use cases.


In-depth cloud security assessment and actionable cloud strategy recommendations

Thorough cloud security assessments

Get a clearer view of your security posture through a detailed assessment of your systems, potential threats, and the controls you have in place to help mitigate them. See where you may have security risks, compliance issues, and more.

Blueprints for security solutions

Prioritized, actionable recommendations to help address identified security gaps or weaknesses. Our cloud security consulting experts tailor insights to fit your business.



Breadth and depth

Whether you need an overall assessment of your policies and cloud security controls, or you need help assessing the technical implementation of a specific workload, Pythian has the experience and expertise to help.


Flexible approach to cloud security strategy

Draw upon Pythian’s analyses and recommendations to help guide your in-house efforts to button up your systems. Or take advantage of Pythian’s SecDevOps experts to implement those recommendations for you quickly and cost-effectively.



See how our cloud security consulting services can work for you

Pythian’s experienced cloud security consultants will deliver a detailed security posture analysis and walk you through a prioritized list of recommended improvements based on your organization’s goals and requirements. We’ll provide an estimate of the time and effort needed to remediate, and even help you implement necessary changes. In short, Pythian can help you better understand and implement your cloud security posture so that you can meet your business challenges with greater confidence.

A deep bench of security and data expertise

You can rely on Pythian’s 25 years of proven expertise in data security and compliance, data strategy, database and data warehousing architecture, and other advanced technologies.

A flexible partner

We can help you at every point on your data security journey, from data strategy development to designing and deploying your data platform at scale across your enterprise.


Highly cost-effective

Pythian’s technology portfolio offers a cost-effective data security strategy, strengthening your posture through clear guidance and support by a partner that can guide you through your implementation.


Exceptional support

Proven methodologies coupled with a dedicated, experienced project manager for every project ensure on-time and accurate delivery-every time.

Synergistic services

Easily extend your Pythian relationship to include the management of your analytics platform with Pythian’s DataOps managed service or Pythian’s FinOps cloud cost-optimization service.

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