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E-commerce boom requires the flexibility of Google Cloud

This online travel booking site moves to the cloud to dramatically improve scalability and support a global expansion.




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A Canadian travel booking company forecasted its data and users to increase tenfold in the coming years as e-commerce adoption accelerated across its industry. To support this growth, the IT leadership recognized that they needed the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. In less than five months, Pythian designed, executed and completed the project without disrupting the business.

Today, the online travel company is using Google Cloud and BigQuery to:

  • Scale to support ongoing growth with no capital investments
  • Uncover trends and business opportunities with data insights
  • Control and govern its data to mitigate risk and enforce compliance

What we did

The company’s new IT leadership wanted to accelerate its move to the cloud. They engaged the proven Google Cloud experts from Pythian for this critical project to:

  • Develop and execute a cloud migration plan. Pythian experts conducted a thorough evaluation of the codebase, created a detailed plan and executed the migration using proven best practices.
  • Deploy Google BigQuery. By unlocking insights within the data, the travel company can identify new business opportunities and measure performance as well as become aware of potential risks.
  • Improve the deployment process and workflows. Pythian advised this business on how to best export usage data and documented the patterns for accessing the workloads. 

Technologies used 

  • Atlantis
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud DNS
  • Cloud Interconnect
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud
  • Terragrunt
  • Google Security Command Center

Key Outcomes

  • Superior performance and scalability. Internal teams and customers are benefiting from faster and more reliable performance, even during peak booking seasons. 
  • Improved data governance. With Google Security Command Center, the company has better control of its big data and visibility to potential risks and policy violations.
  • Support for new business. The cloud infrastructure provides the company with the confidence to grow its business with new performance insights and without any interruption to its service.

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