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Transformative solutions for the retail industry

Transform your operations by prioritizing customer experiences with Pythian’s advanced databases, AI, analytics, and cloud solutions. Streamline communication between your back-office and in-store staff, refine your merchandising strategy, and leverage impactful marketing—all driven by data.

We equip you with the tools to improve engagement and sales, helping you stay ahead of the market.

Industry challenges

Enhancing retail operations with data-driven solutions

Our team is ready to help you overcome the data management challenges facing retail and consumer packaged goods companies. Partner with us to optimize your data strategy and enhance performance.

Massive growth in retail data

The rise in data creation demands robust systems and skilled teams to capitalize on the potential for increased sales and customer insights.

Changing customer expectations

Today’s customers seek personalized experiences, from smart product recommendations to faster, higher converting checkouts.

Modernize legacy systems

Standardizing and updating your databases and infrastructure is key to delivering the best experiences, driving conversions, and controlling costs.

Customer success story

Global retailer cuts operating costs by 75%

Who they are
Global retailer with a niche clientele shifting toward online social media shopping

Annual revenue of $350 million

More than 10,000 employees
What they needed
A modern data estate, in the cloud to become more agile

A more cost-effective way to scale capacity to meet fluctuating demand without having to maintain idle servers during slower periods

Infrastructure that can deliver a better, faster online experience to customers
Global retailer

How we helped

We helped the retailer migrate to the Google Cloud Platform to improve performance without disrupting the customer experience.


Reduction in operational costs

Consolidated services to reduce the number of vendors.
More predictable costs for better planning.


Improvement in load times

The seamless transition to Google Cloud resulted in an improved user experience 


Increase in conversions

Migrating to a microservices cloud environment reduced costs and enhanced online performance

We can help

We are experts in the retail and consumer packaged goods industry

We can help you turn your data into higher conversion rates and more sales.

Grow your revenue with data and analytics

With near-real-time insights from your marketing and sales campaigns, you can enable more precise targeting and audience segmentation.

Scale your systems to meet demand

Scale your database systems up or down rapidly to meet surging demand during peak times without paying for idle servers during slower periods.

Make your merchandising more effective

Use shopper behavior insights collected from massive in-store data analytics programs to place your merchandise in optimal locations to drive sales.

Optimize your operations

Achieve efficiencies and drive costs down by modernizing your legacy systems and moving to cloud data platforms.

Enhance the customer experience

Eliminating data silos allows you to improve performance and get deeper insights from your data—so you can deliver a faster, more personalized shopping experience.

Enable collaboration

By moving from legacy on-premises systems to cloud-based collaboration tools, you can streamline workflows and improve customer service.

What we do

We’re here for your entire data journey

Wherever you are on your data journey, we can help you drive conversion and increase sales with our broad range of databases, analytics, and cloud services. 

“Pythian not only stabilized our databases quickly but was able to scale them to meet five times the demand, with no new hardware purchases.”
VP of Infrastructure

Online grocery delivery service

“This was the biggest infrastructure change in the company's history, and we wanted to do it in such a way that our customers wouldn’t notice the change. Pythian gave us the advice and support we needed to make that goal a reality.”
Technical Operations Manager

Global clothing retailer

“My vision was to go paperless, and this just rocked it. The Google functionality is a game-changer. We have easily saved 50% of our time.”

Illinois salon franchise

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