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Strengthen your cloud security

Security threats are constantly evolving. Partner with Pythian to embed digital resilience into your business and cloud-smart ecosystem. Assess your cloud environment to ensure compliance with the latest security regulations and apply best practices to protect your data, employees, customers, and business. 

What we do

Actionable insights to improve your cloud security posture

Our cloud security consultants help you address the gaps in your cloud environment—securing and maintaining compliance with the frameworks relevant to your cloud needs.

How we do it

Smarter cloud security controls that actually work

Gain deeper insights into your security gaps

Get a clearer view of your security posture with a detailed assessment of your systems currently in place for mitigating threats. We help uncover risks and compliance issues you didn’t know were there.

Strengthen your security posture

Our security assessments involve an analysis of your data so we can build a strong understanding of potential risks. With the most probable threats identified, we provide recommendations intended to guide your in-house efforts toward strengthening the security of your cloud-based systems.

Tap into customized insights

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our recommendations for improving your security posture are tailored to your challenges, industry frameworks, and cloud use cases.

Get cloud assessments of any scope and scale

Whether you require an in-depth evaluation of your cloud security controls or need to assess the technical implementation of a specific cloud workload, we have the experience and expertise to help.

Work with a partner you can trust

Bringing over 25 years of database and cloud experience, our consultants offer knowledge and advice you can confidently apply to your business. Beyond our depth of experience, we are backed by many certifications and accreditations across the data and cloud partner landscape.

Become a digitally resilient business

Security threats will occur. The difference in digitally resilient businesses is their ability to keep their business running and prevent threats from impacting operations. Go beyond backups and recovery and become resilient.

What’s next

We’re here for your entire data journey

Cloud security and compliance are just part of your broader data transformation journey. Here are a few other services we offer that you could consider as your next step. 

Database and data warehouse security assessment 

Ensure your database stays protected against evolving cyber threats with comprehensive assessments and expert advice for improving your security posture.

Compliance | Security workshops | Security posture analysis

Data management services

Getting the most value from your data starts by establishing a solid foundation for collecting, organizing, and managing it efficiently and effectively. 

Data platforms | Transformation roadmaps | Managed services

Cloud managed services

You can rely on our managed services experts to keep your cloud-based services secure, operational, and performing at the highest level.

Multi-platform support | Lower costs | More flexibility


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