Datascape Episode 54: Cloud Security Strategies for Business

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Mar 2, 2022

Episode 54 Shownotes

Welcome to another episode of Datascape Podcast. In today’s show, Cloud Ops Solutions Architect Kevin Pedersen talks about the evolution of cloud security, from its infancy to today’s virtualized workloads.

Together the hosts discuss various topics, including the security mindset of the early 2000s and its flaws, the shift to the cloud, zero trust and authentication, security team dynamics, and finding the balance between security and productivity.

Tune in to find out about these topics and learn more.




Key points from this episode

  • Introduction of today’s topic: cloud strategies for business.
  • Kevin introduces himself.
  • Warner and Kevin outline the early days, including file-and-print, modem banks, dial-up and local online resources.
  • Kevin touches on his early days in managed services.
  • The hosts discuss managing security and having the mindset of security.
  • Kevin describes the consumer and corporate security mindsets of the early 2000s.
  • Kevin touches on WiFi and WAP surface attacks.
  • Kevin describes the fundamental pillars of cloud security.
  • Kevin touches on AI tooling and modeling.
  • Kevin talks about security team responsibilities, guidelines and controls.
  • Warner and Kevin discuss challenges in the operational environment, troubleshooting, managing people and finances.


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