Datascape Episode 56: Oracle Database, Exadata and Cloud Update

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May 17, 2022

Episode 56 Shownotes

Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. On today’s show, Franky Faust joins us from Brazil to discuss all things Oracle, Exadata, and Cloud.

Franky begins by outlining his career, describing how he got his start with Oracle database technology and DB2. From there, we discuss the history of OCI and Exadata, their features, how they function in different environments, and more.

Tune in to learn more about these topics.



Key Points From this Episode

  • Introduction of today’s topic: Oracle database, Exadata, and the Oracle Cloud update.
  • Franky Faust introduces himself and outlines his career and path to Pythian.
  • Franky discusses the differences between Oracle on Linux vs. Exadata. 
  • Franky outlines the different Oracle editions and their limitations.
  • Franky gives his take on Exadata and its capabilities.
  • Franky discusses the history of Exadata.
  • The hosts discuss database instance processes, memory allocation, and OLTP workloads.
  • The hosts talk more about Exadata and Oracle Cloud’s history.
  • The hosts discuss various environments, including Bare Metal, virtual machines, and autonomous data warehouses and features.


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