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As the financial services industry becomes increasingly competitive, you can’t afford to wait on technology transformation initiatives that take years to implement. We can help you accelerate your timelines while minimizing risk and keeping you compliant with personal data protection requirements.

Industry challenges

Transforming financial and insurance services with the power of data

Our team of database, analytics, and cloud consultants are ready to address the toughest challenges financial and insurance companies are facing.

Regulatory compliance pressures

Financial and insurance companies seek to streamline compliance, transforming regulatory challenges into strategic advantages through enhanced system speed and scalability.

Enhancing decision-making

You must tap into data platforms and tools to unlock data-driven insights, turning information barriers into opportunities for informed decision-making and collaborative innovation.

Data systems that can keep pace with growth

As you grow, you must optimize your database performance to convert system reliability concerns into consistent, customer-focused operations that drive business growth and loyalty.

Customer success story

Banking company boosts database reliability and performance

Who they are
Large banking and credit company

Annual revenue of $760 million

1,200 employees
What they needed
Stabilize and ensure reliability for databases hosting mission critical applications

Better integration between development and operations teams to optimize applications

Faster generation of management and marketing reports to support business decision-making

An expert consultant to guide the implementation of a Cassandra database

How we helped

We improved database performance to reduce downtime and deliver a better customer experience.


New database deployed

Rapidly deployed Cassandra to power the new EDP analytics platform.

Modernized data–leveraging the power of Cassandra.

Evaluated data estate to optimize Cassandra performance.


Year to upgrade systems

Upgraded Exadata systems to the latest level.

Converted from Solaris OS to a more widely supported Linux OS.

Delivered significant performance improvements and increased system uptime.


Database technologies supported

Support for existing Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.

Expertise to implement and optimize databases.

Automating data operations to create efficiency.

We can help

We’re experts in the financial and insurance industries

Our recommendations and advice can help you get the most from your data to optimize your business.

Modernize your data platforms and infrastructure

We help you migrate seamlessly to the cloud to easily handle higher volumes of data, unify your data sources, reduce technical debt, and automate software delivery processes.

Enhance your data operations and management

Our consultants can show you how to reduce downtime, increase database scalability and performance, and offer multi-tenant data access that keeps personally identifiable information secure.

Drive innovation with data analytics

With enhanced data analytics capabilities, you can improve security and fraud detection, deliver personalized customer experiences, and quickly develop new payment channels and services.

Reduce costs by moving to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud can decrease licensing complexity and costs. Our expert advice can help you optimize your cloud environment and implement FinOps best practices.

What we do

We’re here for your entire data journey

Wherever you are on your data journey, we can help you transform your business through our broad range of database, analytics, and cloud services. 

"I would recommend Pythian to any company that either does not have the manpower or the skills internally to handle their operations. For a rapidly growing start-up like us, Pythian’s skills and round-the-clock support were invaluable and helped us meet the resource demands we needed"
Payments optimization

SaaS company

“The new solution enabled our teams to build a single integrated data repository and tear down existing data silos. A new cross-data analysis capability allows us to improve the customer experience and enhance our security and fraud detection models while letting us deliver innovative new data-driven services.”
Large Nordic financial services company
“Keeping customer information safe and secure is of paramount importance in our business. Pythian had the Google BigQuery expertise to create a data architecture and permission model to share data between departments while protecting personally identifiable information.”
Senior Director, Cloud Operations

Large personal finance company

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