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Ensure your business critical enterprise applications achieve top performance levels

For many companies today, big enterprise applications like ERP, CRM and critical database applications drive the business. Organizations invest lots of time and resources in these business-critical applications, so it only makes sense to put in the time and resources to make sure that these applications run well, are reliable and provide an excellent experience for end-users. To do so means putting a high value on the performance of these applications. In this webinar, we look at how business-critical applications require strong performance management solutions and we analyze how top businesses work to ensure that these key applications perform optimally.

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Featured speaker
Jim Rapoza, Senior Research Analyst at Aberdeen Group, focuses on the increasing performance pressures that organizations are confronting within their network and application infrastructures. For over 17 years Rapoza has been using, testing and writing about the newest technologies in software, enterprise hardware and Internet. He is a frequent speak at technology conferences and expositions and has been regularly interviewed as a technology expert by national media outlets, including CNN, ABC, NPR and the Associated Press.