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Getting started with Apache Cassandra: six things you need to know

On-demand webinar
Duration: 30 min with Q&A

Chosen by the likes of eBay, Netflix and Reddit for its scalability and no single point of failure, Apache Cassandra is currently one of the hottest NoSQL databases in use.

Whether you’ve already decided to use Apache Cassandra, or are in the process of evaluating different open source technologies, this webinar touches on some key topics for getting started:

  • Introduction to Cassandra and its evolution
  • Most suitable use cases and benefits
  • Assessing Cassandra as the solution for your project
  • Key considerations before you deploy
  • Potential challenges to plan for
  • Real world Cassandra applications and results

and more…

Webinar presenters

Carlos Rolo a certified Apache Cassandra DataStax Administrator and Developer and is a Pythian Cassandra Consultant, specializing in designing and implementing new Cassandra deployments.