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Migrating to the public cloud: choosing the right public cloud platform for your enterprise applications built on Oracle Database

While companies everywhere are exploring their options for moving enterprise applications to the cloud, many are discovering that there is a disconnect between what the public cloud offers and what these applications require.

This white paper, written by Pythian’s Chief Technology Officer and Oracle ACE Director, Alex Gorbachev, is an in-depth, practical assessment of how well enterprise applications, particularly those built on Oracle databases, adjust to cloud. It provides detailed, practical information on:

  • Modern public cloud capabilities
  • Cloud compatibility issues for enterprise applications
  • Pros and cons of migrating Oracle-based applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Oracle Cloud.

After reading this paper, you’ll know what questions to ask your teams or your IT services vendors to help you make the best decisions for your enterprise applications--and your business.

About Alex Gorbachev

Alex Gorbachev is a highly sought-after speaker and respected figure in both the Oracle and big data communities. He holds the prestigious Oracle ACE Director designation and was recently named Big Data Champion by Cloudera. His deep technological expertise and vision have helped put Pythian at the forefront of emerging data markets. Today, the CTO office is an incubator of new services and technologies. Most recently, Alex built Pythian’s Big Data Engineering services team and established a Data Science practice.