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Understanding Cassandra consistency

How to choose a Cassandra consistency level that's right for you

Recorded panel discussion 

Duration: 25 min

With Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise, you can achieve superior levels of reliability and performance, which has prompted many IT departments to select it for their most critical applications. But what about the trade-off in consistency that everyone talks about?

During this recorded session, Pythian and DataStax experts examine Cassandra’s consistency model in detail and how to choose the consistency level that is right for your application. They also discuss Cassandra in the context of the following topics:

  • The impact of eventual consistency
  • Using tunable consistency to control data updates
  • A comparison between immediate consistency and eventual consistency
  • How to control tombstones with strongly consistent deletes
  • Considerations when using linearizable consistency
  • Real world use cases for different levels of consistency