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5 Reasons to Partner with a Google Cloud Managed Services Provider

You’ve taken the leap and decided to migrate some of your workloads to Google Cloud, which are now being managed by your internal IT team. But how will you extract the most value out of your investment in the Google Cloud ecosystem?



While Google Cloud is known for its open source integration, advanced data analytics and strong security posture, a successful move to this platform requires sufficient personnel, resources and time. Some companies choose to partner with a value-added reseller for products and tools that integrate with Google Cloud, extending their functionality.

Others turn to a managed services provider (MSP) for predictable costs—which is an important consideration, but not the only reason to consider an MSP with expertise in Google Cloud. Project management, skill requirements, data governance and data security services are all legitimate areas that should be evaluated by experts with a deep understanding of cloud and data technology. Here are some of the top reasons—aside from predictable costs—to work with an experienced Google Cloud MSP like Pythian:


1. Your IT team won’t be stretched beyond their capacity

The evolution to Google Cloud may require your IT team to upgrade their skill sets, which could take them away from other in-house projects that add value to the business. Working with an MSP supplements IT department limitations—whether time or skill sets—particularly if your team is already overwhelmed with responsibilities. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to expanding your IT department, which is an expensive endeavor when compared to the fees charged by MSPs. And an MSP works as an extension of your team, which is particularly critical at a time when the IT industry is facing labour shortages.


2. You’ll have help managing your hybrid or multi-cloud environment

Your IT team may have expertise in Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. But do they have expertise across all three major public clouds, as well as other platforms like Oracle Cloud? A hybrid and/or multi-cloud environment is complex, requiring deep technical, architectural and pricing knowledge about each of the major public cloud providers—such as which clouds are best suited for specific workloads and which workloads should move as needed between environments to optimize cost, load and scalability. The right partner can help you define a strategy to move workloads across your hybrid and/or multi-cloud environment and ultimately help your organization reduce costs, ease management and create a platform for digital transformation.

3. You’ll improve security across your entire cloud environment

Security breaches and downtime can get expensive—fast. Working with an MSP helps to avoid these financial risks by providing consistent updates and patches to your network, as well as providing risk assessments and fast responses if your network goes offline. But when it comes to cloud, a strong security posture requires knowledge of the security, privacy and compliance rules governing your organization and your industry. Doing this internally requires the right skill sets with Google Cloud, as well as with any other cloud platforms you’re using—and any decisions you make will have far-reaching effects in terms of security, performance and the overall needs of the business. The right partner can provide managed services that extend beyond technical expertise to ensure that you’ve thought of all potential security gaps, including non-compliance with industry regulations—across your entire hybrid and/or multi-cloud environment.

4. You’ll gain access to deep expertise beyond the cloud

Your IT staff may or may not be experts in Google Cloud, Azure or AWS. But they’re unlikely to be experts in all cloud-related areas. An MSP, on the other hand, has expert teams across platforms and disciplines; Pythian, for example, has more than 100 Google certifications, as well as certified expertise with Azure, AWS, Oracle and SAP environments. And our managed services extend beyond cloud to encompass data management and analytics, network management, asset management, project management, remote monitoring and more. As a result, we’ve been named one of the Elite 150 in CRN’s annual MSP 500 list for 2022, which recognizes the leading service providers in North America with forward-thinking approaches to managed services.


5. You’ll gain access to specialized expertise like analytics and machine learning

When you work with an MSP that’s part of the Google Cloud partner ecosystem, you’ll benefit from their deep expertise, especially if they have a Google Cloud Specialization—the highest technical designation a Google Cloud partner can earn. There are 15 Google Cloud Specializations in total, and partners are required to undergo a rigorous audit with third-party reviews of client case studies to validate these specializations. As a Google Cloud MSP, Pythian has multiple specializations including cloud migration, data analytics, machine learning, infrastructure, data management, and work transformation – enterprise, so we have the expertise to help you make the most of your investment in Google Cloud.

While an MSP can help you optimize your cloud spend, finding the right Google Cloud partner comes with many more benefits, such as transforming your data, modernizing your applications and adopting cutting-edge technologies. Find out more in our eBook about how to choose a Google Cloud partner that’s right for your business.



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