Datascape Podcast Episode 39 – February 2020 Cloud updates

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Feb 26, 2020

Welcome to this year’s first episode of Datascape Cloud Update Podcast. Since our last
episode in 2019, a great deal has happened and 2020 is already packed to the brim with cloud

Joining us to talk about Amazon Web Service (AWS) is Pierig Le Saux. He shares the latest on AWS Backup,
which includes restoring single files and copying backups from one region to another, BYOL
developments and their use for Microsoft clients, and some thrilling quantum computing
initiatives as well. Pierig also sheds light on automated image building as well as his
excellent productivity tip for the month.

We also have Warner Chaves with us, here to share his Microsoft Azure insights. He covers the latest developments from Azure Backup Explorer, which aggregates all the information you have access to in the backup vault into a single dashboard. Warner also touches on the end of Windows 2008 and alternatives, Microsoft’s Sustainability Calculator and where it’s likely to go, and some Azure Accessibility updates.

Last but not least, Stéphane Fréchette, is back to give us the latest in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) space. He dives into Archive, GCP’s latest storage class, new maintenance controls for Cloud SQL, and GKE support for legacy applications. He also touches on Secret Manager and the various secrecy functions it entails. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

• The three important new features that have been added to AWS Backup.
• Two missing features of AWS Backup that could cause problems down the line.
• How Azure currently handles backing up and insights into the upcoming Backup Explorer.
• Many of the Azure and AWS improvements are related to managing scalability.
• The latest storage class, Archive, from GCP and which kind of data it’s best suited for.
• The important certificate related task that is happening with AWS in March 2020.
• End of an era: Windows 2008 is officially out of support and some options moving forward.
• GKE in GCP has support for legacy applications like Windows 2008 and other additions.
• Some benefits of the BYOL updates on AWS and why it’s useful for Windows customers.
• More on Microsoft’s innovative Sustainability Calculator and what data it provides users with.
• The Azure Migrate Assessment feature is a manual version of Azure Migrate.
• Two of the new maintenance controls with Cloud SQL in GCP.
• Learn more about Amazon’s long overdue Auto Scaling feature on ECS.
• Latest premium SSD disk enhancement in Azure, their burst capabilities and size updates.
• What Google’s added to BigQuery: Federated query support, flat rate pricing, and more!
• You can now use integers to partition your table within BigQuery .
• The fun new developments with quantum computing in Amazon Bracket.
• The latest Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI and Warner’s predictions.
• Which services Secret Manager on Google Cloud will provide to help with accessing secrets.
• We’ll be at Google Next in April, so come say hello if you’re there!
• Google seems to have dropped ‘Platform,’ and now it’s just Google Cloud.
• Developments with proximity placement groups in Azure and their capabilities.
• Azure Accessibility updates and how they’re opening access for people of all abilities.
• A blast from the past: AWS’s work in automating OS image builds.
• Pierig’s productivity tip: Google Chrome’s Awesome Screenshot.

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