Exploring the Oracle and Google Cloud Partnership Announcement with Simon Pane

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Jun 28, 2024
Exploring the Oracle and Google Cloud Partnership Announcement with Simon Pane

In part 4 of our series on the Oracle-Google Cloud partnership (based on episode 78 of the Datascape podcast), we examined Oracle ACE Nelson Calero’s view of the partnership. In this blog, we’re exploring Oracle ACE and Principal Consultant Simon Pane’s early thoughts and observations—keep reading!

1. Interconnectivity and technical perspective: the technical benefits of connecting Oracle and Google Cloud

“So the two parts is there's the interconnect and there's stuff inside Google Cloud, and I actually think the interconnect is the less exciting part of that. So, I don't think customers really, unless they already have a big footprint and OCI and Google, are really super excited about the interconnect.”

Simon Pane points out that while the interconnect itself is an essential aspect of the partnership, it may not be the most exciting feature for all customers. However, it does provide a critical technical benefit by allowing seamless connectivity between OCI and Google Cloud.

Why does it matter? The technical benefit of interconnectivity lies in its ability to ensure low-latency, secure data transfer between OCI and Google Cloud. Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud will enable businesses to deploy general-purpose workloads with no cross-cloud data transfer charges. This seamless interconnectivity enhances workload distribution and performance, allowing businesses to integrate their services more efficiently and deploy hybrid applications that capitalize on the strengths of both cloud platforms.

2. Simplified maintenance: reduced administrative overhead and easy provisioning

“So bottom line is this opens up a lot more options.” “You don't have to, as the customer, burden yourself with all the headaches of provisioning and maintaining.”

He also emphasizes that the partnership simplifies the overall maintenance and provisioning processes for customers. By leveraging the strengths of both Oracle and Google Cloud, customers can avoid the administrative burdens typically associated with managing complex data infrastructure.

Why does it matter? Simplified maintenance translates to reduced operational costs and allows businesses to focus on their core activities. A simplified purchasing and contracting experience via Google Cloud Marketplace enables customers to purchase Oracle database services using their existing Google Cloud commitments and leverage their existing Oracle license benefits, including BYOL and discount programs like OSR. This operational efficiency is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge, as it allows new services to be deployed rapidly and enhances agility and responsiveness to market demands.

3. Potential business outcomes from utilizing both services

“Customers want the flexibility to use multiple clouds. By connecting Google Cloud services with the latest Oracle Database technology, we provide the best possible database and network performance.”

Simon highlights the business outcomes that can be achieved by utilizing both Oracle and Google Cloud services. The partnership provides customers with the flexibility to use multiple clouds, ensuring the best possible performance for their database and network needs.

Why does it matter? Access to high-performance, reliable cloud services can lead to improved business outcomes, such as enhanced data analytics, better customer experiences, and increased operational efficiencies. The partnership combines Oracle’s database technology with Google Cloud’s innovative platform and AI capabilities, providing customers with a robust and versatile cloud solution.

This flexibility enables businesses to adapt their cloud strategies to meet specific requirements, ultimately driving innovation and growth. Oracle Database@Google Cloud will benefit enterprises globally and across multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.


This blog is the last in our series on the Pythian team's early thoughts on the Oracle-Google Cloud partnership (based on episode 78 of the Datascape podcast), but stay tuned for new opinion, commentary, and discussion in the coming days. Thanks for reading. 

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