Grow with SAP: Cloud ERP Adoption for Mid-Sized Companies

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May 11, 2023

“We are not ready yet, Can’t afford the cost!” Yes, Even for mid-sized companies, ERP cloud solutions were sometimes not the best fit in the past. But everything may change now with SAP’s announcement of ‘Grow with SAP.’

Grow with SAP is an offering targeted at mid-sized companies and helping them adopt ready-to-use Cloud ERP solutions within their budget.

There is a need for mid-sized companies to rapidly expand their business through innovations and a quick scale-up environment. Grow with SAP is an opportunity to provide a new outlook towards growing mid-sized industries and an open invitation to make their mark through cloud ERP solutions.

Grow with SAP

SAP ERP and related solutions have emerged as a top choice for large organizations seeking advanced technology solutions. Simultaneously, SAP has been trying to incorporate products suitable for companies of all sizes. Mid-sized companies often have the disadvantage of not being able to quantify their growth versus the technology they require to support the same. But, Grow with SAP has come to their rescue matching their budget level to enable high-quality business analysis for their future growth.

It is an initiative from SAP to provide tailored cloud-ERP solutions for mid-sized companies. It combines S/4HANA Cloud public edition, SAP Business Technology Platform, Artificial intelligence, automation capabilities, and many other features that were challenging to adopt for a mid-sized company.

Key Highlights

  • Ready to run cloud ERP solutions
  • SAP Business Technology Platform advantage
  • Latest artificial intelligence features
  • Business acceleration using automation
  • Collaboration with a community of customers, SAP experts, and partners
  • Best practices and continuous innovation
  • Predictability and adoption of SAP Activate methodology for rollouts
  • Go-live in as little as four weeks
  • Cost-effective deals improve business focus


Grow with SAP will help accelerate customer business and, at the same time, also benefit SAP partners. With a huge market of mid-sized growing companies within Europe—and a global market in the process of scaling—a reasonable boost in the service industry is expected. With this growth comes an increased demand for experts to support the adoption lifecycle of Grow with SAP customers.

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