Heading back to San Francisco for Google Cloud Next ‘23

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Aug 2, 2023

Aaaand we’re back! Since the dates were announced earlier this year, Pythian has been buzzing with anticipation and planning for Google Cloud Next ‘23 August 29 - 31, 2023 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. 2019 was the last year we attended in person. I was on stage talking to partners about the tsunami-sized wave of opportunity about to hit the Google Cloud partner ecosystem and encouraging them to jump in and ride. We’ve been missing that in-person groundswell of energy, innovation, power, and possibility created when you get thousands of partners, customers, Googlers, media and the industry community together in one place over a short period of time. Join us and share with us your biggest challenges, be inspired, find new big ideas and learn how to be one with your data. Register here. Pythian is hyper-focused on data and guiding organizations to connect more deeply with their data, leading to more meaningful engagement through understanding, accessibility, integration, governance and innovation. We’ll be telling these data-focused stories at Google Cloud Next.

3 Things I’m Most Excited About at Google Cloud Next ‘23

  1. The Evolution of GenAI GenAI has been THE topic of discussion at every conference we’ve attended over the past few months. Join in the conversation to help navigate a complex topic. (Pro tip, see our GenAI session below). Pythian Chief Technology Officer Paul Lewis recommends:
  2. Thomas Kurian’s opening keynote, “A New Way to Cloud”.  Expect a keen focus on the future of AI and Cloud.
  3. What’s next for the SAP/Google partnership  At SAP Sapphire ‘23, Google and SAP announced the next phase of their partnership to provide enterprises with Open data and AI offerings to unlock the power of business data. We’re expecting to hear stories of success to date.
What Pythian is up to at Google Cloud Next As a preview to leveraging data for success, check out our Google Cloud case studies or recently recorded session “Shifting Strategies from Cloud First to Cloud Also” with Lightspeed Commerce. Shout out to my team and our crackerjack Marketing team for their partnership in planning the event and all the 25 Pythian supporting actors attending. Moscone Center is the ultimate event space.  Remember to wear comfy shoes, drink lots of water and divide and conquer the action-packed agenda with your teams to maximize your time. See you in San Francisco. Let’s catch up! Vanessa.

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