How Pythian Is Flattening the IT Disruption Curve

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Apr 14, 2020

COVID-19 is creating a perfect storm of disruption, chaos, and challenges for organizations in both the private and public sectors. The current pandemic is almost certainly adversely affecting every institution, while a few might be able to draw a few positive outcomes from these trying days. Here are four different ways COVID-19 is impacting Pythian customers, how we're helping them flatten the IT disruption curve.

1. A Hiring Freeze has Left you Short-Staffed

Many companies are short-staffed because hiring is on hold. However, their critical IT systems are still running and require the same maintenance, optimization, and administration. Pythian’s remote DBA and infrastructure teams can address this issue by combining decades of expertise with the flexibility to quickly scale staffing up and down as needed. These teams are distributed across the world and are available 24/7, a real benefit at a time when the news (and demand) can change on a dime. Pythian’s flexible contracts allow you to cancel with only 30 days’ notice. This allows your organization to improve bench strength without committing to adding additional staff. Click here to read more about how our remote IT outsourcing services can help when you’re in a hiring freeze.

2. Disrupted IT Services as your Outsourcer Scrambles to Move to a Work-from-Home Delivery Model

Performing complex and urgent database and cloud tasks from home isn’t easy for most outsourcers; They simply aren’t set up to work this way. Shipping laptops takes time and older VPN networks aren’t very scalable or secure. As a result, many IT outsourcers have suffered increased downtime and delayed deliverables during the pandemic. Pythian technology experts have worked remotely for decades, enabled by mature methodologies in combination with IT services that include secure perimeters, automated encryption, endpoint isolation, and zero-trust network isolation. Thanks to years of practice, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver top-quality remote IT services in the age of physical distancing. Click here to read more about our remote IT outsourcing services.

3. You Need an IT Continuity Plan but Aren’t Sure Where to Start

Some companies don’t have the acute IT issues mentioned above but need to immediately devise an IT continuity plan in the event their employees are unable to work. For companies who need IT continuity but don’t have the resources for in-house human redundancy, a Pythian IT Infrastructure Insurance plan provides access to an exceptionally talented team that is ready to jump in if you need them or remain on standby for a minimal fee when you don’t. Click here to read more about how our remote IT outsourcing services can provide business continuity insurance.

4. An Unexpected and Rapid Increase in Demand has Swamped your IT Systems

Because of the speed at which some companies have had to scale their IT systems (along with deep uncertainty as to how long this demand will last), many organizations have been caught short-handed in terms of IT staffing and DBAs. The hiring process can last several weeks and organizations are hesitant to hire new full-time employees when faced with so many unknowns. Moreover, while these new hires are permanent in nature, the current increase in demand might not be. Remote outsourcers like Pythian can fill the gaps with decades of expertise, helping businesses instantly scale up (and later scale down) when facing unprecedented demand. Click here to read more about our remote IT outsourcing services at scale.

Squash the IT Disruption Curve

Pythian’s remote, distributed teams of certified experts are here to help you solve all your database and infrastructure challenges. Our highly skilled experts have decades of database know-how, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB. We also specialize in cloud-based solutions such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Google CloudSQL, Microsoft Azure SQL, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Google Bigtable. Infrastructure solutions such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Linux, Windows and other platforms are also in our toolbox. Pythian has the knowledge and solutions to help you flatten the IT disruption curve while giving you the freedom to amend or cancel your contract with 30 day's notice. A little peace of mind in these very uncertain times.

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