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Thoughts from the front line: Top questions our customers are asking about Google Workspace Enterprise

Google recently made some changes to Google Workspace licensing, and you may be wondering how it affects your organization. For example, if you have more than 300 users, you’re now mandated to upgrade from Business to Enterprise.

But you may want to upgrade regardless—whether you’re already using Google Workspace or you’re considering a move to the Google platform. 

As someone who talks to customers every day, I’ve compiled some of the top questions I hear from customers about Google Workspace Enterprise, and explained how Pythian can help.

Why should I consider an Enterprise upgrade with Google Workspace?

First off, what are your growth plans? Do you forecast any headcount changes in the next one to five years? Do you find your storage limits or meeting capacity restricting? Are you confident in your existing security? If you’re projecting growth—and most companies are—it makes sense to get out in front of it. With advanced functionality and security, Enterprise supports unlimited users and offers a range of premium features.

From a security perspective, Google Workspace Enterprise offers Google’s most robust security and compliance controls. Security center dashboarding gives you more insight and visibility into what’s going on—like unsanctioned external sharing—and more robust data loss protection options for users and devices.

There’s also a few other exciting features. One is AppSheet, a no-code platform that allows non-techies to create applications to automate workflows. One of my customers is a large retailer, and they used AppSheet to build a time-clock application for their retail workers. This allows them to track their time, but also to trade shifts easily with more flexibility. And that’s just one example. We’re seeing customers use it for all types of applications.

I can upgrade directly with Google, so why upgrade with a partner?

Upgrading with Google is an option, but will likely cost you more. At Pythian, we go to bat for our customers and secure more aggressive pricing than they could get directly with Google. We can also help our customers optimize their environment, by leveraging a blend of different license types or helping identify advanced features they could benefit from.

If you implement or upgrade Google Workspace directly, you may have to hire a team to manage that migration. Working with a partner allows you to access the expertise you need immediately, without the hiring headaches. 

All Google Workspace users have full access to Google support, but working with a partner can offer even more help. Many of our customer’s requests can be handled in-house; at Pythian, priority requests have an average response time of around five minutes. If we need to escalate an issue to Google, the size of our account means we hear back faster than our customers would be able to on their own.

How can a partner help with Google Workspace?

Within Enterprise there are several tiers, including Starter, Standard and Plus, to suit different employee profiles. There are also editions for frontline, government, education and non-profit workers. But with so many options, it can become a daunting process to figure out what edition is right for you. When you work with a partner, they can help to first understand your exact needs, and recommend the right edition level. 

From there, a good partner can help you with additional managed services, from setup and onboarding bootcamps, to change management support and practice reviews to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the features that are available in your edition level.

Google Workspace Enterprise also has a number of advanced security features that many large organizations should consider implementing, such as email encryption. A partner can help you properly leverage these features, or ensure that you’re using them correctly. At Pythian, this is often identified in our security health check.

Why would I want to consider a Google Workspace security assessment from Pythian?

When customers approach us about our security offerings, it’s often because they’ve been a victim of a spoofing incident—or they recognize this is happening far more frequently and want to prevent it. 

Pythian’s Google Workspace security health check primarily looks at two things: 

  1. Which security features are necessary to protect your organization?
  2. Are those security features and settings configured appropriately for your use?  

By auditing your Google Workspace environment, including things like Gmail configuration, Drive settings, Calendar privacy, Groups setup, and authentication requirements—we can identify low-, medium- and high-risk settings, and provide remediation recommendations.

As a Google Cloud partner, we can assist with your Workspace implementation, upgrades, settings and support through project-based engagements or professional services. We’re here to help. 

Are you considering an upgrade to Google Workspace Enterprise? Talk to one of our Google Workspace experts today!

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