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Hello from India

The first postcard of 2023 is from a coastal city where Gopi Kampa helps streamline the onboarding process while collaborating with various departments across multiple time zones. Read on to learn more about how this amiable HR coordinator lives and works in tropical Kakinada.


Tell us about where you live.

I live in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, in southeast India. This is also where I was born and raised. 

Kakinada was once Asia’s largest seaport, and today is the fastest-growing city in Andhra Pradesh. It’s well known for its sweet delicacy called kaja, a snack called bajji, and the Subbayya Gari Hotel, known for its vegetarian food. It’s one of the most visited cities in India for its natural beauty and history, and the tropical climate is mostly hot and humid.


What was your path to Pythian?

After graduation, I got my MBA in Human Resources and went to work for Accenture and, later, other companies. I’ve worked as an HR specialist, managing onboarding, recruiting, and placement activities for about a year.

Then, two soon-to-be Pythian colleagues referred me to an HR coordinator role, and I joined the company last year. Because I was already working from home because of the pandemic, working remotely now isn’t new.

A weekend visiting Uppada Beach, Kakinada


What’s a typical day like for you now?

Cold coffee starts me off in the morning. I do some daily meditation before work. I also love to read, even a couple of pages of whatever book I’m reading. Norman Vincent Peale is my favorite author. I’m currently reading The Power of Positive Thinking.

First thing after logging in, there’s usually some troubleshooting to be done, as well as responding to inquiries about payroll or from new hires. I use this time to answer their questions, do background checks and audits, and update the HR platform.

Global employment engagement activities—statutory holidays recognition or taxation across geo-locations are also addressed. I work closely with my HR colleagues, and IT and admin to streamline our processes across the organization.

One of the aspects I enjoy most is the opportunity to work with a global team because it helps me structure my days to be as efficient as possible. So, mornings I work with employees, and in the afternoons, I interact more with the global team.

I average ten meetings per day, which is a lot. But I learn something new every day, even when a new candidate starts on their first day. It keeps my mind fresh. And it might sound odd, but I never get tired because I love my work.


What has been the biggest challenge in this role so far?

Employees will come to me with different questions, and sometimes, I need to loop in a colleague from another team and wait for an answer, which can be a bit challenging. However, I usually get the answer within a few hours, which is always satisfying.

Catching up with colleagues at the Hyderabad office.

Tell us about your workspace.

The Pythian office in Hyderabad is about 500 km away, so when I make it out there, I take the train, which takes eight to nine hours. Thankfully, I get to stay and visit with relatives for the week. There are about 40 workers now, so it’s always great to interact with colleagues from the area and participate in activities like Friday Fun

Otherwise, until February, I’ll be working from home, where I have a dedicated workspace. Then, I’ll relocate to Hyderabad.

How do you spend your time off?

I do regular things like house cleaning, chores, indoor games with my siblings, and grocery shopping with my mom. Once a month, I visit colleges to speak with students about corporate life, expectations, and work-life balance. But I find it hard not to check emails, even on weekends.

What’s one type of food you could eat every day?

Sambar with potato curry.

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