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Add space to tablespace - corrective action in OEM 13c

OEM 13c came out with a good new feature as a corrective action to add space to tablespaces. It could be done in OEM 12c with self-developed script executed by agent response action, but in OEM 13c it is a job where you can define different parameters for the resizing of tablespaces. I created the action in the library and promoted it to development databases in order to test. I set it for warning threshold for the start since OEM 13c allows to have different actions for warning and critical thresholds in opposite to OEM 12c when the action was applied to both severity levels. My first question was how would I know that corrective action was triggered and what was the result. Luckily there is search in the Incident Manager which can help to get a list of events and in details of each event information about corrective action lodged. In an OEM which I was checking, however, actions to resize tablespace failed - the script was not found at the expected location. After raising of SR the reason was identified - agent installed on Red Hat 5 (which is not certified with agent 13c) did not have such script. After installation of agent 13c with ignorance of prerequisites, the action started to work properly without any issues. The corrective action can resize data files by size or by percent however it would be still beneficial to set notification for status of the action otherwise the only notification you receive is clearance of the alert (if you set it). And if it was possible to set corrective action as multi-task job which could be enhanced with notifications, different calls of APIs (of ServiceNow for example) that would be even more useful and helpful for DBAs to properly automate such routine task.

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