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ASMCMD> a better DU, version 2

A while ago, I posted a better "du" for asmcmd . Since then, Oracle 12cR2 beta has been released but it seems that our poor old "du" will not be improved. I then wrote a better "better du for asmcmd" with some cool new features compared to the previous one which was quite primitive. In this second version you will find :
  • No need to set up your environment, asmdu will do it for you
  • If no parameter is passed to the script, asmdu will show you a summary of all the diskgroups : asmdu_1
  • If a parameter (a diskgroup) is passed to the script, asmdu will show you a summary of the diskgroup size with its filling rate and the list of the directories it contains with their sizes :asmdu_2Note : you can quickly see in this screenshot that "DB9" consumes the most space in the FRA diskgroup; it is perhaps worth to have a closer look
  • You can also pass a directory as a parameter and asmdu will then show you the size of each of its subdirectories -- it is useful to quickly see which day has been archivelog intensive as well as finding that there's no archivelog backup for a database as you will find old archivelog directories and more...asmdu_5
  • A list of all running instances on the server is now shown on top of the asmdu output; I found that handy to have that list here
  • I also put some colored thresholds (red, yellow and green) to be able to quickly see which diskgroup has a space issue; you can modify it easily in the script :
[code]# # Colored thresholds (Red, Yellow, Green) # CRITICAL=90 WARNING=75 [/code]
  • The only pre-requisite is that oraenv has to work
You can find the code here. We use it a lot in my team and found no issue with the script so far. Let me know if you find one and enjoy!  

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