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Backup Tools for PostgreSQL

At conferences, the focus is always on innovative solutions. We forget to talk about the core tools that keep our databases functioning. This October, Matt Pearson – Pythian’s Database Consultant, will be evaluating the best backup tools for PostgreSQL. 

Evaluating your backup tool options 

What is the best way to backup a PostgreSQL cluster?

The answer is there is no one perfect backup tool. 

However, unlike other database engines, there are many tools to choose from. I’d like to compare the various backup tools from ease-of-use to what features each has and how you can deploy them.

The talk will look at various backup tools currently used by the PG community, including BARMAN, WAL-G, pgBackRest, and pg_basebackup . We’ll also be looking at the difference between logical backups and physical backups and the merits and issues of each type. The idea is to give a DBA or a management team the best backup options for their PG database cluster.

Learn more about Matt Pearson’s PGConf. EU 2022 talk here ->

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