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Embracing Flexibility to Improve Remote Team Productivity

Businesses continue to grapple with the effects of COVID-19. Although some have created an efficient remote team, others struggle with performance. To empower your team to do their best, you must first challenge your assumptions about work.

Research shows the power of flexibility in increasing performance

Your employees have a life outside work. And now they’re tasked with making both life and work mesh to keep projects moving forward. Unfortunately, many employees struggle with which responsibilities to place on the back burner. Add in a lack of childcare, and some employees don’t know how they’ll make it work. The solution? Flexible work options. With flexibility, your team can choose when and where they’re most productive. Plus, they can balance their responsibilities with personal life, increasing their performance. Around 77 percent of remote workers report greater efficiency in remote team productivity when working off-site, with 30 percent accomplishing more in less time. Over half (54 percent) of employees with multiple workspaces think they’re more effective when working outside the office. And according to Gallup, employees who spend 60 to 80 percent of their time working remotely experience optimal engagement.

Collaboration: working remotely, yet not alone

While flexibility is important, so is collaboration. Nearly three in four organizations rate teamwork and collaboration as very important. Yet, 39 percent of employees worldwide say people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. When managing a remote team, collaboration is critical for employee performance. Employees must understand their responsibilities and have the information and access required to do their work.

Remote collaboration and flexibility require going beyond the VPN

Remote team management, collaboration, and flexibility require an IT environment that ensures security, reliability, and ease of function across many devices and locations. Unfortunately, VPNs often fall short, slowing the performance of the tools your employees need to complete their work. As a result, productivity also slows. Cloud-based apps deliver the same work experience regardless of where your employees choose to work or what device they use. For example, you can have face-to-face meetings with employees around the globe. Teams can hold a brainstorm via group chat or collaborate inside one document. Cloud-based tools are also secure — no messy VPN required.

Start improving and managing a remote team’s well-being and performance

Right now, moms and dads may need to work during nap time. Some employees may need to become weekend warriors. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to support your team during this time. You can do so without sacrificing performance by taking advantage of the Cloud. To learn more about how to improve your team’s well being and performance, reach out to Pythian. Give us a call at 1-866-798-4426 or send us a message.

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