Datascape Podcast Episode 33 – Recapping Google Next 2019 with Stéphane Fréchette

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May 30, 2019

Today on the show we welcome Stéphane Fréchette to help us through our 2019 Google Next Special!

Stéphane is a Google Cloud Solution Architect. In this episode, he does a great job of pulling out the themes and unpacking some amazing inside info on the announcements that were made at this year’s conference.

We start off getting some background on Stéphane and his journey to his current work with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and then dive straight into all the excitement and content from Google Cloud Next ’19. We talk about Anthos and Kubertnetes, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL and Data Fusion. We then get into Big Query and Data Catalog and the exciting news from these areas of the cloud! Stéphane talks about Dataproc’s autoscaling features and some great steps that have been made in GCP’s Data Flow, before agreeing to do the infamous Lightning Round with us, seeing as though it is his first time on the show! For all this and more from Google Next, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

• A little bit of background on Stéphane’s work and why he moved to Google.
• The major theme that Stéphane noticed at this year’s conference.
• Google’s game-changing Anthos announcement.
• Google Kubernetes Engine and the workloads it can run.
• The new open source integrations into the Google Cloud console.
• Google’s beta stage Cloud Run.
• An exciting, game-changing announcement about Cloud SQL.
• What Data Fusion means for a large number of coders out there.
• Fully managed memory analysis in BigQuery.
• How GCP’s Data Catalog will improve governance.
• Advancements in Data Flow and how this relates to Python and Java.
• Dataproc’s autoscaling announcement!
• The Lightning Round with Stéphane!
• And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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