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Exadata Technology Blogs

I hear lots of feedback on Exadata front asking for more and more technical information and I often refer them to some material online. I think I should reference couple credible resources for the readers of our blog in addition to our own Exadata content and Oracle’s own Exadata Technology section.

Kevin Closson — Oracle Exadata Performance Architect, fellow OakTable Network member and someone who knows loads about Oracle specifics on various hardware platforms and particularly storage — has a nice collection of Exadata blog posts. Some people say that Kevin is biased as he is working for Oracle on Exadata but I’d say that he’s rather passionate about this stuff and truly believes in what he writes.

Greg Rahn — Greg is a database performance engineer in the Real-World Performance group at Oracle and also a fellow member of OakTable Network. Even though Greg does work for Oracle, what you will read on his blog is the thoughts of engineer and not marketing.

Kerry Osborne’s Blog — Kerry covers some of the interesting Exadata stuff that our friends at Enkitec are working with.

Christian Antognini’s Blog – Christian provides interesting bits focused on how Oracle Optimizer deals with Exadata storage cells SQL offload as well as other performance-related areas.

Oracle Exadata Special Interest Group — Exadata SIG has been just recently created and this is the place to bounce your technical (and not only) questions. Some LinkedIn discussions are interesting.

I’ll keep this page updated as I come across of more web-sites with Exadata focused material that I think it worth to be added here.

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