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Fixing could not start service broker for database

Blogging is something I love because it gives me a chance to share the ideas I have and the knowledge I have gained so far. Last week, one of our clients was doing some maintenance activity. Today's blog post comes from that maintenance activity. Our monitoring tool Avail quickly identified an issue and reported it back to us. The error was Could not start Service Broker for database. The issue was that the database was a restored copy on the same server. The database has a service broker enabled already. Whenever a database with a service broker is restored, you will notice an error message written into the SQL Server Error log which says something like Could not start Service Broker for database id. Fixing this issue is very easy. All you need to do is execute an ALTER Database command. In this blog post, I will tell you what that command is.

Fixing the service broker issue

To fix the issue, one has to create a new service broker using the command and it will fix the issue for the service broker.
There is another error you may observe that is related to the service broker. It reads: Service Broker GUID does not match the one in sys.databases. This is because the master database keeps track of the service broker for the database that has service broker enabled on it. To fix this issue, execute the same command I mentioned above and it will fix the issue. You may want to visit our resources page or technical track of our blog site to explore of our technical content, and if you need any assistance or professional help, please visit our expert’s page and we will certainly be able to help you.  

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