Is application refactoring right for your organization?

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Apr 17, 2019

The following is the first in a series of blog posts covering Pythian's Application Migration webinar series, where host Chris Presley discusses several application migration-related topics. Recently, he spoke with Alex Zadoroshnyi and Pierig Le Saux about the topic of application refactoring and how organizations can benefit from this approach. Migrating your applications from an on-premises environment to a cloud provider's environment provides many advantages such as increased velocity and flexibility of computer resources, not to mention a wider collection of platforms as service offerings. There are multiple approaches to migrating into the cloud entrance, and they mostly depend on the budget and the time available to you. Some clients prefer a “lift and shift” approach, or a partial migration to the cloud. This approach can be used as a stepping stone into the cloud environment so that organizations can work with cloud services and offerings, yet still operate within a familiar environment. Leaving some components intact or untouched can be a faster way to leverage cloud-managed services. However, if you can avoid doing a lift and shift and instead do a complete refactor to cloud-native applications, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the cloud. You’ll not only optimize your applications to operate at a lower cost, but the applications will offer higher performance, as well. So what’s involved in a full refactoring of your applications? You will want to be sure that you're selecting the right toolset to take advantage of the features within Google Cloud Platform. You will need to identify the independent components that could be migrated with no impact to the rest of the application, and identify the components which should not be migrated at all. Pythian’s experts have extensive experience assisting clients with decisions such as these when refactoring their applications. Is application refactoring right for your move to the cloud? Pythian can help your organization answer your questions. Sign up for our Application Refactoring webinar, scheduled for May 17, to learn if application refactoring is right for your cloud migration. Topics covered include:
  • How auto-scaling supports improved cost efficiency and performance
  • The importance of continuous transformation
  • Addressing concerns about vendor lock-in
  • Coordinating cutover strategies
  • Where cost savings can be realized

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