Log buffer #544: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

1 min read
Apr 18, 2018

This log buffer edition covers Cloud, Oracle and MySQL. Cloud: Exploring container security: Digging into Grafeas container image metadata Cloud-native architecture with serverless microservices — the Smart Parking story Replicate AWS CodeCommit Repositories between Regions using AWS Fargate Performing Unit Testing in an AWS CodeStar Project Building SaaS Services for AWS Customers with PrivateLink Oracle: CockroachDB for Oracle Professionals No-one should be using exp/imp to export and import data any more, they should be using the datapump equivalents expdp/impdp Playing with Oracle Cloud – Creating a Hybrid DR Deployment Adding a Datafile to Temp Tablespace Introduction to Apache Spark with Python MySQL: Flashback: Another Take on Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR) in MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Server Reinvented dbForge Tools for MySQL Have Arrived! Graceful master switchover with ProxySQL and Orchestrator Black-Box Auditing: Verifying End-to-End Replication Integrity between MySQL and Redshift ProxySQL Admin Support for Multiple Clusters MySQL Shell for MySQL 8.0: your best friends in the cloud !

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