Log buffer #555: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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Oct 4, 2018

This log buffer edition covers Cloud, Oracle and MySQL. Cloud Cloud Directory is a neglected serverless data store that deserves much more attention. Many of our large enterprise customers have this worry hanging over their heads … what are they going to do about that mainframe when they migrate? Miners Extract More Value from the Cloud When They Transform Their Cultures 7 steps to keep your Windows Servers Patched with AWS Systems Manager No application is an island—each one has dependencies and exists alongside other services, sharing resources and data. Oracle An example gitignore file for Nodejs projects to ensure that local environment variables, build-related output and modules are not committed to the git repository. Jonathan Lewis writes about Column Group Catalog. Franck Pachot blogs about Oracle write-consistency bug and multi-thread de-queuing. Mohammed Azar discusses the issues which may arise when we try to rebuild the forms or reports. MySQL Change management is hard. In everyday production, there are numerous factors working against embracing change. Limited preparation time and a whole new show = a whole new crew, innumerable planning variables and the challenge of driving an operational plan based on creative instincts. Kathy Forte shows you how to connect to the same Docker instance using the MySQL Shell which is a tool to use Document Store and to create InnoDB Clusters. Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7.23-31.31 Is now available. A query plan uses a loose index scan if “Using index for group-by” appears in the “Extra” column of the EXPLAIN output. In some plans though, “Using index for group-by (scanning)” appears. What does “(scanning)” mean and how is it different from the regular loose index scan? Chien Tran on debugging a slow WordPress site.

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