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Online retailer gains business efficiencies with help from pythian’s cloud experts

A major online retailer joined forces with Pythian to help improve their efficiency delivering new service features. With the help of Pythian’s Cloud Consulting Services , the retailer determined that they needed to migrate their two large on-premises data centers to the cloud due to high spend and considerable transformational efforts. Choosing the right cloud platform was the key consideration. The client relied on Pythian’s expertise to weigh all options from performance to price to ROI factors. In addition, Pythian applied their extensive training in migration planning, execution and negotiations with all major cloud vendors with the focus on the customers’ best interests. The strategic cloud consulting from Pythian offered the critical insight needed to understand the retailer’s cloud readiness, create a cloud planning assessment, and develop a solid migration strategy while providing the retailer information on what to expect in terms of support offered by the vendor. The Pythian business consulting and technical expertise offered knowledge specific to the retailers cloud optimization possibilities. They provided them with a strategic migration approach and enabled the retailer to make the best selection based on performance, flexibility and cost control. The retailer is now confident in their cloud strategy and vendor choice. Read the full story for all of the details of how Pythian was able to help.

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