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Oracle Outside In Technology 8.2.0

Today I found some interesting software pieces available for download from Oracle TechNet.

“Oracle Outside In Technology” represents a set of SDK’s for various content management operations. Basically, those are excellent building blocks for content management applications and tasks. See Outside In Technology data-sheet:

Oracle Outside In Technology enhances hundreds of software applications from the world’s leading technology companies for search, e-mail, e-discovery, text mining, content management, legal, security, compliance, archiving, data forensics, collaboration, and many others. Oracle Outside In Technology provides software developers with a comprehensive solution to access, transform and control the contents of over 400 unstructured file formats. From standard business documents to specialty formats and legacy files, Oracle Outside In Technology turns unstructured files into accessible information.

Here are the list of SDK’s available:

  • Clean Content
  • File ID
  • Content Access
  • Search Export
  • HTML Export
  • XML Export
  • PDF Export
  • Image Export
  • Viewer Technology

Here are couple descriptions to heat your interest up:

Oracle Outside In Clean Content

Oracle Outside In Clean Content gives software developers the ability to identify, extract and remove sensitive, confidential, or proprietary metadata and hidden information from Microsoft Office documents. As files are created, revised, reviewed, distributed, and reused, they are commonly appended with more than two dozen data elements that, if unintentionally exposed, can lead to corporate embarrassment, breach information disclosure policies, and open new security holes. Oracle Outside In Clean Content can eliminate this risk, thus enhancing solutions that manage, store, and present content.

Oracle Outside In PDF Export

Oracle Outside In Technology is a cross-platform, application-independent PDF conversion solution for the OEM software market. It has its own rendering engine so it does not require native applications to generate PDF. Its self-contained conversion simplifies workflow, decreases cost and allows easy cross-platform deployment on Windows, Linux and Solaris. It can optionally output PDF conforming to the PDF/A (Archive) specification, which is particularly beneficial to our OEM partners in the compliance, archiving and legal markets. As with all Outside In SDKs it is interoperable with the others. For example, the offset information of text extracted using one of the search enabling SDKs can be used to apply hit-highlighting in the PDF output. Finally, it supports the most popular PDF conversion features including: linearized PDF for fast browser display; automatic generation of XMP metadata; and, numerous user options such as page range and size specification, programmatic addition of non-transparent watermarks, output resolution control, and many others.

On the right sidebar, you can find links on the related OTN pages with more information on each component as well as some documentation. Here is what’s available for Outside In Viewer Technology:

Outside In Viewer Technology is a software development kit (SDK) that enables file viewing, printing, and copy/paste functionality of more than 400 file formats. It includes an annotation API which allows the developer to highlight, hide or insert text in a document view without altering the underlying native file. Its use is appropriate to solutions that can benefit from desktop viewing functionality.

  • Available on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms
  • Access via a C API or ActiveX Control for Visual Basic or other ActiveX compliant development environments
  • Includes sample applications with source code

The page has also link to the Getting Started guide.

This download is available with OTN license so I don’t know what are the conditions of commercial use. Consider yourself warned.

Does Oracle try to setup their own Google Code?

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