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Our Commitment to You During COVID-19

In light of the continued spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) globally, we want to let our clients know how Pythian is prepared to continue providing the high standard of service you’ve come to expect. Our leadership team has developed an action plan that ensures not only that we can continue to serve you, but that we can provide additional support in the event that some or all of your IT teams are unable to go to work because of illness or a mandate for all staff to work from home. Pythian has been a remote work-oriented business since our founding over 20 years ago. So while forced office closures would mean a major disruption or even loss of business for many organizations, to Pythian it is business as usual. More than 90 percent of Pythian’s workforce already work from home, including most of our technical staff. Further, to ensure the continued health and safety of our staff and clients, we have enacted a work from home policy for corporate office staff and canceled all travel. In order to ensure your critical IT systems are always maintained and optimized, the technical teams that support you are distributed worldwide. This reduces the likelihood of multiple team members getting sick at one time while ensuring your systems are covered by our 24x7 follow-the-sun support. The team also has procedures and automated redundant workflows in place for handling alerts and to address client needs in case a team member becomes ill. Our paging system requires someone to be on call at all times, and that will not change -- we plan to continue to be there for you and your business. We strongly recommend you have a backup plan to care for your critical IT assets in the event of in-house team illness. Pythian offers flexible managed service options to care for all your critical infrastructure and databases. Contact us through our form or by responding to this email if you want additional insurance against disruption, including short term backup and recovery services, staff augmentation, or other remote DBA/SRE services. Pythian wants existing customers to have priority for additional service requests. We truly hope that your employees stay safe and healthy and that your organization is not impacted by the spread of COVID-19. Pythian believes it’s critical that all IT organizations have a preparedness plan in place. If you need any help with this planning, we are here for you. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need any help planning for potential office closures or disruptions. Sincerely, Rob Hamel, Vice-President, Customer Service Delivery

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