Pythian at DataOps Barcelona

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Jun 20, 2018

DataOps Barcelona is an event organized by Binlogic and will be taking place June 21-22, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Pythian is proud to be supporting this inaugural open source-focused conference in Europe! DataOps is of course short for "Database + Operations" and contains talks about the various open-source database ecosystems and how they are operationalized with regards to cloud solutions, security, automation, high availability and scaling. Pythian has a long history of helping companies leverage open source technologies and cloud infrastructure to meet their business requirements. We excel at managing traditional open source relational database (MySQL) and relatively new NoSQL technologies (MongoDB, Cassandra). Our world-class cloud architects are familiar with all of the major cloud providers. If you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, we can help you decide which vendor or vendors best suits your needs, then help you plan and implement your migration. And if you’re already there, we can help you optimize your cloud environment to meet your business needs. DataOps is an opportunity for us to share our expertise with the community in Europe. Be sure to drop by the following sessions: June 21 (Day 1)
  • Implementing MySQL Database-as-a-Service using open-source tools - 11:50-12:30 - Matthias Crauwels (Pythian)
  • Insights on sysbech and custom benchmarks. - 15:30-16:20 - Martín Arrieta (Pythian), Alexey Kopytov
June 22 (Day 2)
  • Cassandra B side, the errors we made and what we learned - 9:40-10:20 - Carlos Rolo (Pythian), Pedro Vidigal (Pythian)
  • How to Scale MongoDB - 11:00 - 11:40 - Igor Donchovski (Pythian)
  • The Battle of DBaaS – RDS vs Cloud SQL vs SQL Azure - 16:15-16:55 - Sandeep Arora (Pythian)
  • Multi-Cloud Cassandra with Terraform and Ansible - 17:00-17:40 - Carlos Rolo (Pythian), Pedro Vidigal (Pythian)
We look forward to seeing you at DataOps Barcelona. Please, find us at the conference to pick our brains!

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