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SAP Datasphere: An Overview (with 5 Key Benefits)

SAP Datasphere, SAP’s comprehensive data service and solution, was released on March 8th, 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about the platform.

As a foundation for business data fabric architecture, SAP Datasphere promises high-quality resources, always-on data, innovation through faster data access, and a complete focus on the business data that delivers tangible value.

If you are an existing SAP Data Warehouse cloud tenant, you will be transitioned to SAP Datasphere automatically, and all existing capabilities will remain intact—enabling a greater focus on relevant data and a robust data fabric foundation.

What is Data Fabric?

Data fabric is a design concept stacked with data layers and relevant processes that connects using intelligent automated systems. Within data fabric architecture, there is an end-to-end integration between several cloud environments and interfaces. Data fabric implementation helps consolidate organizational data governance and data security.

Figure 1: SAP Datasphere integration with top Industry solutions and AI applications. Image Source.


Key Benefits of SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere is loaded with the benefits of a true digital transformation experience and enables access to mission-critical data irrespective of location. Let’s have a look at some of the other key benefits to your business.

  • SAP Datasphere helps link data and metadata from SAP and other applications
  • Data governance spread across different platforms and applications becomes easy with the SAP Datasphere catalogue
  • The combination of a heterogenous data business semantic model and open data ecosystem results in a better data access point
  • Customers can reuse their on-premise SAP Business warehouse BW content with SAP Datasphere and transfer almost 70-80% of their existing artifacts
  • SAP Datasphere can run in every cloud against hybrid environments. As a result, it is flexible to allow secure access to all business data, irrespective of location



In conclusion, positive feedback is expected from customers who will use SAP Datasphere for their business. Also, Datasphere promises exciting solutions to build a business data fabric in combination with SAP BTP. As a result, all data technicians can experience a unified approach toward data integration, modelling, data warehouse, and virtualization.

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