Thriving Through Change with Google Workspace

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Oct 21, 2020

Work has been transforming as long as we’ve been doing work. Companies have always needed to adapt to new societal, technological, and global developments. The current pace of transformation, however, is something entirely new. It’s not an exaggeration to say that for many people work changed overnight. These changes were fundamental – shifting the where, what, and how of our work. The good news is that every major upheaval also offers a significant opportunity to evolve, innovate and progress. Pythian, as a Google Premier partner with managed services for Google Workspace, believes in embracing that opportunity. With more than a decade of Google administrative and engineering support expertise, Pythian has worked with hundreds of organizations to meet customer needs ranging from annual best practices reviews and health checks, to user lifecycle and change management, all while offering customized support. We want our customers to not just survive, but thrive through change. The simplicity, ease-of-use, and flexibility of Google’s collaboration products tally perfectly with Pythian’s philosophy of providing smart, comprehensive solutions to customer challenges.

Building on our Strengths

Over 2.6 billion users choose Google apps every month. Google has spent decades building products to facilitate shared projects, planning, and group work – products designed from the ground-up with industry-leading security and privacy controls built-in. With the launch of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Google is demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement informed by customer needs. “Teams need to stay connected and collaborative from wherever they are,” said Carolee Gearhart, Global Channel Chief at Google Cloud. “We’re proud to introduce Google Workspace to help them do so, and look forward to working with our key partners like Pythian to help customers build a foundation for connected, distributed work.” Pythian also has a decades-long track record of delivering innovative solutions to meet the specific goals of each customer. During that time, we have expanded our services and built a meaningful partnership with Google; helping our customers leverage the full range of their cloud-based services.

Meeting Needs

When COVID-19 hit, Pythian immediately realized businesses would need help staying productive and collaborative, and that we could provide that help. We quickly launched the COVID-19 Productivity Resource Center , sharing our expertise, along with our extensive knowledge of how we can help organizations put Google’s powerful communication and collaboration tools to use. We also worked closely with customers to understand and meet a whole new set of challenges. Here’s just one example of how we capitalized on the versatility of Google Meet to help a telehealth customer satisfy the sudden, unprecedented demand for their services:

What our customer needed

When COVID-19 hit, and shelter-in-place orders came into effect, the demand for virtual visits surged. The company needed to launch a telehealth solution within days, while meeting several vital security, scheduling and ease-of-use requirements. The collaboration platform also had to integrate with the customer’s proprietary scheduling system. After considering a dozen options, the company moved forward with Google Meet, supported by Pythian.

How Pythian delivered

Combining our in-depth knowledge of Google products with our extensive experience applying them to solve business challenges, Pythian achieved zero to launch in days, closely followed by a nationwide roll-out which saw thousands of weekly telehealth visits completed with impressive staff and consumer satisfaction levels. This is truly a story of thriving through change – not only was our customer able to maintain their business, they have since reported that leveraging Google Meet and building a custom solution has created a measurable competitive advantage. In addition to converting existing clients, they have attracted new clients through their telehealth service.

Moving forward together

As Google continues to evolve their product offering, Pythian maintains a comprehensive understanding of new features and strengths, which in turn allows us to support our customers’ progress. The strength of Pythian’s position as a Google Premier and MSP partner demonstrates our commitment to providing flexible support to meet customer’s needs now, and in the future. With the introduction of Google Workspace, we at Pythian see more opportunities to provide seamless, effective solutions to our customers. To understand what the new Google features can do for you, please contact us now to arrange a free consultation with one of our Google Workspace experts.

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