Unleash the power of your data with Pythian at DBTA Data Summit 2019

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Apr 30, 2019

Pythian is the Diamond Research and Keynote Sponsor at Data Summit 2019 in Boston on May 21 to 22. See you there! The theme of this year’s DBTA Data Summit is “unleashing the power of your data” - exactly what we do at Pythian each and every day. We are happy to sponsor an event that helps more people turn their data into business value, and we want everyone to LOVE YOUR DATA. The theme of this year’s event ties in well with the work we do with our clients. We’ve been solving the toughest data problems and using the most advanced technology for more than 20 years. We were early adopters and practitioners of advanced methods like DevOps, DataOps, machine learning, MLOps and data science. We are definitely technical but we never lose sight of the fact that technology is only good if it is used to produce business outcomes. For example, in our Big Data and Analytics practice, we have solved a range of business needs and use cases with data. We’ve helped a major luxury fashion retailer eliminate data silos and create dashboards for insights into their key marketing programs. We’ve taken key operational and marketing data to the cloud for a major UK sports organization and helped them create machine learning models to gain critical insights from video data. We’ve helped a global security firm create a whole new product offering using their data. And we’ve used IoT data to help a mining company minimize costly downtime by predicting failures in their large haul trucks. You can find more stories about how we’ve helped our clients get results with their data here . In all the organizations we serve, even with their varying types of data and wide-ranging business needs, we see recurring patterns and problems and we’ve developed repeatable methodologies and templated processes to get our clients to value faster - in short, to “unleash the value of their data.” That’s what’s its really about - enabling customers to use their data to reduce costs, improve their marketing, get a 360-degree view of their business, create new products, get insights they’ve never had before and predict what they should do next. This is what fuels us. If you want to hear more stories from the front lines of data analytics, join me at my keynote at the DBTA Data Summit. I’ll be talking about how professionals like you are dealing with the most challenging data issues and keeping up with innovations. You’ll learn through real-world examples how you too can be ready to address tomorrow's opportunities with ever-advancing cloud analytics technologies and emerging practices - in other words, what's coming and how you can maneuver today to take advantage. Also at the event, our Director of Engineering, Danil Zburivsky will be giving a talk called Dismantling Data Silos Through Cloud Integration , which discusses how a cloud integration approach can lead to better data governance and more accurate analysis and ensure consistency of data across systems. He will also discuss best practices for cloud data integration and how a cloud data platform breaks down data silos within the organization. The presentation also looks at how one client successfully took its global sales data to the cloud to uncover new opportunities. In addition to my keynote, I will be presenting The Data Warehouse is Dead , in which I will talk about how old-school data warehouses may not be delivering insights at the speed of business. In this presentation, I’ll cover the alternatives that you can use to meet modern analytics infrastructure needs. This presentation outlines in detail why you need a modern data platform to deliver on new analytics demands. After the presentations, come to our booth to learn more about the technology trends that will impact your data strategy today and into the future. And watch for our upcoming research paper published with DBTA, Profiling the Data Driven Business . This will become available just prior to Data Summit 2019. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!  

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