Around the world, Google tools power retailer’s growth

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Jun 16, 2021


Global Retailer


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Strong relationships and smart tech decisions pay off for the global apparel brand.

Great apparel retailers typically become household names for their flagship brands. Less well known (but no less impressive) are their technology skills.

Pythian teamed up with one global retailer making a name for themselves as a top Android developer and industry innovator. To foster these capabilities, the company employs multiple Google solutions across its global workforce, and leverages the talents of experts like Pythian.

What we did

  • Dramatically reduced IT costs. From Workspace to Cloud, numerous Google solutions provide the retailer with powerful capabilities, while simultaneously decreasing their IT spend, compared to previous solutions. Much of their recent DevOps and BigQuery work was simply cost-prohibitive with on-prem solutions.
  • Accelerated speed to market. Thanks to scalable cloud servers and continuous innovation initiatives, designers, developers and external clients can work at the speed of business and maintain their competitive edge.
  • Improved collaboration. Chromebooks and Google Workspace applications keep the company’s global workforce connected, fueling efficient communications and workflow.
  • Strong partnerships. Pythian functions as an extension of the IT team, providing valuable guidance on new ways to leverage Google solutions to achieve their goals.


Technologies used

  • Google Cloud
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Workspace
  • Google Chromebooks

Key Outcomes

  • Deploying Google Workspace worldwide. The retailer replaced Microsoft Exchange and Office with the user-friendly apps in Google Workspace, which saved money, boosted team collaboration and significantly reduced the IT workload.
  • Establishing strong foundations. The retailer pivoted its approach from numerous point solutions to three core platforms, including Google, which provide a flexible, scalable foundation for future growth.
  • Moving from on-prem to cloud. Google Cloud now enables the company to practice continuous innovation within its global DevOps teams. AI tools like BigQuery make powerful analyses fast and cost-effective, resulting in never before seen insights for senior leaders.
  • Redeploying their resources. A shift to outsourcing with trusted partners like Pythian helps internal staff move from reactive to strategic.

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