Busbud's Machine Learning Model Transformation with Pythian

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Nov 24, 2023


Google Cloud




Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Busbud, an international online platform, connects travellers to intercity bus services across continents. Faced with API limitations and the need for improved data accuracy, Busbud enlisted Pythian's expertise to refine their machine learning model and ensure top-notch customer service.


Pythian's strategic intervention involved a tailored machine learning workshop. This foundation set the stage for a deep dive into Busbud's existing ML model, significantly enhancing its predictive capabilities and overall architecture.

What we did:

Pythian's approach was multifaceted, starting with an in-depth machine learning workshop to understand Busbud's unique challenges, followed by the implementation of an Enterprise Data Platform to solidify their data infrastructure. Our experts then meticulously re-evaluated and upgraded Busbud's ML model, focusing on modernizing its TensorFlow architecture and enhancing its predictive performance.

Technologies used:

  • Google Cloud
  • TensorFlow
  • NodeJS

Key Outcomes

  • Predictive Accuracy Boost: By revamping the ML model, we significantly increased the accuracy of predicting price fluctuations and seat availability.
  • Real-Time Data Reliability: The enhanced system now provides customers with dependable schedule information in near real-time, reducing uncertainty in travel planning.
  • Technical Team Empowerment: Our comprehensive knowledge transfer empowered Busbud's technical staff with advanced skills in machine learning, paving the way for self-sufficient future enhancements.

By partnering with Pythian, Busbud not only addressed immediate technical challenges but also positioned itself for ongoing innovation.

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