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Consolidating multiple SAP environments improves manufacturer’s performance

Manufacturer consolidates onto a single SAP environment to deliver new efficiencies in finance, manufacturing and more.






California, U.S.

A global equipment producer recently acquired two large businesses. Since the mergers, each business unit’s operations remained siloed, operating on their own on-premise SAP environment. The result was limited visibility to enterprise-wide operations, challenges in getting consolidated data and escalating costs of maintaining multiple SAP landscapes.

The company’s leadership decided it was not only time to consolidate all systems into a single SAP environment, but also to move everything to the cloud. It would be a complex endeavor. Luckily, Pythian was up to the challenge.

In less than six months, the business transformed to one cloud-based SAP environment using SAP HANA’s in-memory database on cloud, with all applications upgraded to the latest cloud versions. The transition was seamless, with Pythian needing only 36 hours of downtime on a weekend to complete production and go-live.

Thanks to Pythian’s expertise and access to the latest SAP methodology and tools, the manufacturer has become one of the most progressive SAP users in North America, adopting the HANA database and cloud solutions in a single wave.

What we did

The equipment provider selected Pythian as its trusted partner to:

  • Consolidate three SAP environments into one. Pythian managed the migration of several SAP systems into a single instance with less than 36 hours of downtime.
  • Take the entire SAP environment from on-premise to the cloud. Moving to the cloud would align the company with SAP’s product roadmap and provide access to the latest solutions to future-proof their business.
  • Migrate the database platform to SAP HANA and SAP ASE. The in-memory database platform would deliver performance improvements and bring them closer to deploying SAP S/4HANA.


Technologies used

  • HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • BW/4HANA
  • SAP Business Objects

Key Outcomes

In six months, the Pythian team along with the customer and SAP team, delivered on every aspect of the complex project to meet the company’s deadline. The acquired companies are fully integrated into the business’ IT infrastructure and operate as a single enterprise. Consolidation and migration to the cloud is complete.

With a consolidated SAP environment, the manufacturer recognized the following:

  • Streamlined operations. The company has one environment used by all areas of its growing organization. It is ready to easily onboard future acquisitions, has reduced maintenance costs, and delivers a single view of the business to its leadership teams.
  • Faster reporting. The cloud-based business intelligence solution delivers reports in half the time, for almost instant report availability.
  • Improved security. By moving its environment to the cloud, the business can use the latest SAP security offerings including LDAP SSO and SAP Authentication. 

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