Customer-centric approach supports global manufacturer’s Oracle platform

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Oct 7, 2021



Medical Device Manufacturing



When reviewing the cloud vendor’s standard out-of-the-box Oracle Exadata patching and support program, this customer was met with excessive lead times, restrictive implementation dates, and faced the risk that only a subset of the hosted databases would be patched without specific customer and application integration. This approach was too inflexible, so Pythian was engaged to design a more customer-centric approach for Oracle Exadata patching services.

What we did

Pythian’s existing relationship transferred meaningful and relevant knowledge of the customer's environment to the project. Action plans were prepared quickly, with more communication and tighter coordination than the cloud vendor. 

  • Customized which patched to apply and when
  • Minimized scope and overall downtime
  • Ongoing support including post-patch optimization

Technologies used 

  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Oracle Database

Key Outcomes

Pythian provided maximum flexibility while maintaining the complex Oracle Exadata environment, exceeding the cloud vendor’s own support program.

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