Data-enabled retail: Stand Out For Good leverages BigQuery to improve marketing and customer experience

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Aug 25, 2023


Stand Out For Good (SOFG)


Retail & E-commerce


United States

Stand Out For Good, a purpose-driven retailer, was looking to apply its in-store hospitality approach to the online retail experience using customer data to create personalized experiences. But, without a clear, consolidated view of each customer, it was extremely challenging for the marketing team to create truly personalized messaging—let alone have a dimensional understanding of the customer journey through marketing to sales.

What we did

By talking to different stakeholders and gaining an understanding of SOFG’s marketing and data warehouse pain points, we were able to find a way to unlock the most value from the company’s data. Our teams built SOFG an Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) on Google Cloud:

  • Removing SnapLogic and other redundant cloud vendors from their existing tech stack
  • Ingesting data into Google Cloud Storage
  • Moving from SQL DataVault to BigQuery to support exporting and analyzing key marketing metrics
  • Adopting an Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) model to accelerate development and create a new data model that supports business metrics
  • An accelerated 6-month timeline to help them get to value faster

Pythian designed and built a modern data platform that addressed SOFG’s key needs and pain points. This allowed the retailer to further optimize and personalize their marketing efforts by providing a richer and more accurate view of SOFG’s customers.


Technologies used

  • Cloud VPN
  • Google BigQuery
  • Cloud Composer
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud Operations Suite
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Data Fusion
  • Google IAM
  • Google Workspace
  • Secret Manager
  • Virtual Private Cloud

"Pythian is an extension of our team. I trust them because they understand what we are and what we need. This is very valuable as we move away from managing technology and enabling business outcomes.”

Joergen Scheuer-Larsen, CIO


Key Outcomes

By fully understanding stakeholders’ challenges and approaching the problem holistically, Pythian was able to solve multiple interconnected challenges from both a digital transformation and operational perspective. Our partnership with SOFG delivers end-to-end value for the CIO, the CMO, and their respective teams.

SOFG can now bring its in-store experience to its digital channels. With analytic capabilities and a better understanding of their customers, SOFG provides a personalized, personable shopping experience that mirrors the targeted hospitality for which its stores are known.

Now, the CMO and marketing team can see the entire ‘story’ of a customer with all of their data properly formatted in one place. They’re empowered to make data-driven decisions to acquire and convert customers, resulting in reduced costs and more efficient marketing activities.

The modern platform allows SOFG to design and measure more targeted marketing campaigns. Ultimately, this helps them grow their e-commerce business at a time when some companies are scaling back.

Pythian also helped SOFG reduce the number of cloud vendors in their tech stack, mitigating security and risk concerns and reducing IT complexity and support needs. This resulted in cloud savings of about $100,000 per year.

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