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Customer Success

Energizing big data analytics for a global telecommunications media company with Google Cloud

Telecommunications media company needed to scale its analytics for competitive differentiation.







Our customer wanted to differentiate themselves from competitors by unlocking deeper insights from their data on a faster reporting schedule, demonstrating industry-leading quality of service through superior analytics and performance reporting.

What we did

Pythian provided a global team that could handle 24-hour operations from multiple continents, with expertise in Google Cloud, big data analytics and SQL. This customer’s 50 TB Teradata data warehouse was migrated to Google BigQuery with zero downtime, including data modeling and SQL conversions. Pythian designed a proprietary scheduling script on top of Google Cloud Composer to meet the client’s unique time constraints and performance targets for reporting.


Technologies used 

  • Google Cloud
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Composer
  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
  • Dataproc
  • Dataflow
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Google Compute Engine (GCE)
  • Teradata
  • Oracle GoldenGate

Key Outcomes

Our client now enjoys faster reporting and improved responsiveness to their dynamic business needs. For example, telecom network operator reports that once took 12 hours to complete are now produced in only 10 minutes. Cost improvements and a more scalable architecture contributed to the success of this project. Our client reduced expenditures of nearly $2 million per year to costs in the low six figures, and by doing so moved from a system that couldn’t keep up with their business needs to an infrastructure with better performance and reliability.

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